So, you want to be a business owner …?

So, you want to be a business owner …?

It’s not quite as easy as you thought, is it??

The plain truth is, there’s WAY more to running a business than the dream you were probably sold (or the vision you had).

The good news is, the challenges you’ve been experiencing are perfectly normal.

Pretty much everyone – with the exception of the odd unicorn – starts off on their entrepreneurial journey, building a side hustle, full of vim and vigour, with a sharp focus on that point on the horizon they want to get to.

You know the one; that place of time and money freedom…of choice…of the feeling of control that allows you to work at will, to take time away with those who matter to you and not worry or be on call.

That place.

But then the rush of planning and excitement meets reality.

Work or home life starts to rob some of that time reserved for building the business.

The model or blueprint you were sold missed one vital part out: YOU.

YOU need to deliver the goods, and YOU need to learn things that are anything but ‘push button’ easy.

You DON’T just rock up with a Facebook ad and get loads of interest for your thing – you need to test and learn and adapt.

You DON’T just ‘generate traffic’ organically by throwing out regular content – you need a solid feel for your audience and skills to engage them (those may even be skills you don’t want to acquire).

You DON’T just magically become an entrepreneur when you’re skills are being an awesome Coach…or Consultant…or Trainer…or Marketer…or Therapist…or any of the legions of practitioners who struggle to get a REAL business rocking and rolling.

Here’s the (weirdly) good news…

Even seasoned Entrepreneurs and Business Owners are plagued by these thoughts and doubts,

“It’s not working!”… “Why is this not working?”… “How on Earth do I do this?”

What we do is help them change these into…

“It’s starting to work”… “I can see how this works”… “It’s really starting to happen”.

We give them (and you, if you want this) the confidence to say…

“I really know what I’m doing”.

Trust me, far more experienced people than you would give their right arm to actually be able to say this with conviction.

Most business owners feel that they’re winging it.

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Work with us, or just follow us and implement what we will happily share with you for free in our blog and FB group, and you can avoid that ‘confidence void’.

You’ve decided to leap from the corporate rat race for its unlimited upsides:

– You wanted to chart your own course and make your own decisions

– You didn’t want a financial ceiling on your income

– And you wanted flexibility so you could spend more time doing what you love

But for some unknown reason, progress ​is unbearably slow.

In fact, you often feel that you’re just running around the Hamster Wheel of Busyness, constantly trying stuff and constantly finding yourself back where you started, but a little older, and a little poorer.

But the fire in your belly just won’t go out.

You really WANT this, don’t you?

And yet, you really don’t know exactly how you’re going to achieve this vision you’ve crafterd for yourself.

Which begs the question…

Are You Simply Building Your Own Job, or Are You Seriously Building A Business That Will Give You Control & Freedom?

To turn your business into something that truly serves your life with choice and satisfaction, as well as giving you the freedom to choose how much (or how little) you want to be involved and support it, requires you to ‘break free.’

(and that doesn’t mean ‘getting out’ or escaping from your job. It’s all about choice)

And choice doesn’t occur on its own.

You need to engineer it.

And the way to do that is through intentionally engineering your headspace, your character, your strategy & the mechanics of your business so it can continue to run smoothly and profitably – with or without you.

This is how you grow a business that just works.

Something truly robust – fireproof and ‘bombproof’ – but also flexible and responsive to the needs of your clients, your team and you.

A business that all entrepreneurs seek to create.

And if you want to choose how you live your life, then this is what you need for your business – and we can help you do exactly that.

In fact, we guarantee that working with us – perhaps even just following us and implementing what we teach – will help you increase your profit, decrease your stress, and achieve more with significantly less effort.

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