At this level of revenue, you have a whole different set of challenges from those you faced as you passed through the 5- and low 6-figure revenue barriers

  • From Simon’s work with a peer-group serving CEOs and Chairpersons of £multi-million businesses in the ‘real’ world and our collective work in masterminds and peer groups, we have deep insight into how to help you - whatever your specific challenges are. 

  • The best place we can help you is in the Success Engineers Business Club, and it’s highly likely this will be in the Founders Circle, but we won’t know until we’ve had a chat through your business and your aspirations & challenges.
  • In any event, the first month has a trial period, so we can both determine if the level of help is right for you, and move you up or down the levels if needs be, so that the help is tailored properly to get you the results that work for you.

Forming the smartest peer group you’ll find online, the Founders Circle provides an environment where you’ll experience freedom from the issues that dog pretty much every CEO, MD and individual leading their own business at this level and above (key fact: we find these issues even with CEOs of £400M turnover businesses)

At the door of the Founders Circle, you’ll drop: the listlessness of loneliness, crises in confidence, perplexity with your people, disorderly days, fear of failure and falling out of love with your business.

All these things and more are incredibly common among your peer group. Here, you’ll find people who, marshalled and helped by us, provide an outlet and a sounding board for you, which inevitably means a solution to your challenges.

Join our Business Club newsletter and set up a chat to explore whether the Founders Circle is the best way we can help you.

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