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So, you’ve got the burning desire to take control of your life and become a successful entrepreneur.

But you’re stuck.

Somewhere on the journey – getting started, earning enough, being consistent, delivering value – you got stuck.

You are not alone.

Right at this very moment, thousands of people just like you, long to create the kind of freedom & security that successful entrepreneurship provides.

Most of them will fail.

Some won't even take the first step.

You are different.

By being here you've proven you're willing to step into the unknown. Every entrepreneur that achieves success does this.

The good news is - you don't have to do it on your own.

We've been there, done it, got the t-shirt. Most importantly, we have insights from the very best in the world at what they do – World Class performers – that we’re waiting to share with you.

We’re all about the next step here – taking small, actionable, progressive steps towards sustainable success (key word: sustainable). Here’s how you take the first one into a better future, and the world of the Success Engineers:

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Who Are The Success Engineers?

Dino Tartaglia

Hi! I’m Dino Tartaglia
(pronounced ‘Dee-no Tahr-tahl-ee-yah, in case you were wondering )

A Chartered Electronics Engineer, back in the day, I was initially on the tools, then managing and building diverse teams; operational on 5 continents.

Over the last three decades, I’ve built, advised, worked with, closed and scaled over 200 companies. That experience cuts across most industries and all sectors: Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Energy Supply, Service and Retail. In recent years, my focus and expertise developed in Sales and Business Development.

Latterly, my interest extended into Information / Online Marketing, and eComm, where I worked through all of the trials, challenges and learnings that beset all of us: Shiny Object Syndrome, Sawtooth Effect (trying something, failing, switching to something else, failing…) and Guru Affliction (thinking that one ‘Gooroo’ would solve all my issues, then the next, then the next…).

Now, I’ve wrapped up all of that learning and experience, and combined it with Simon’s insights and expertise, to create Success Engineers, a business designed to provide not just the STEPS to success, but the proven MECHANICS – the actions and mindset shifts you need – that will help you realise your entrepreneurial aspirations.

Whether you're looking to leap from the J.O.B., trying to control & stabilise your business, or hitting a glass ceiling when trying to leverage or scale, we can help.

Hi, I’m Simon Hartley.

I’m passionate about helping individuals and organisations to maximise their performance, realise their potential and work towards becoming World Class in their chosen field.

For almost 20 years I’ve been working in elite and professional sport as a sport psychology consultant and performance coach. I’ve coached Olympians, World Class athletes and International teams to success.

In researching my books, I’ve worked with and interviewed World Class performers and teams and gained incredible insights into what characteristics are common to those who are the very best in the World at what they do. In short, I understand how the best in the World get there and stay there.

My expertise lies in helping organisations, teams and individuals consistently engineer peak performance and realise their full potential.

By applying exactly the same approaches in business for almost 10 years, I’ve had incredible results with Executives, SMEs, Corporate clients and Entrepreneurs of all types and persuasions.

Welcome to a different type of success philosophy.
Welcome to Success Engineers!

Simon Hartley