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What if TWO DAYS could move you forwards by a whole year?

We hold breakthrough events typically every quarter, but these are themed, based on ONE thing our people are asking for.

In Rome, for example, we tackled "The Foundations of Entrepreneurial Success" - how to ensure you're building (or have built) a solid base for your business to thrive from, and you're not unwittingly scaling problems and starting small fires.

In Dublin, we explored the role of Mental Toughness in "Master Mental Toughness: From Ideas to Results". 

Where most businesses fall down in this area, is the inability of the firm to select a great idea from all of the ideas that any entrepreneur will naturally generate, and execute that systemically to produce a meaningful commercial result.

What happens is that, somewhere between idea and expected outcome, the ability to execute the plan falls down and things take longer, with more effort, more stress, and less of a ROI than was ever anticipated or planned for.

Dublin helped our guests understand how to squeeze every last ounce of juice from their ideas and make them happen.

Every event is captured in its entirety and converted for digital (online) consumption.

But, enough talking. Here's what we've produced on our journey to-date. Click on the video to get a better understanding of the impact each event has had.

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