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Who is Simon Hartley?

For over 20 years Simon Hartley has helped athletes and business people throughout the world to get their mental game right. He has worked with gold medalists, world record holders, world champions, and multiple-championship winning teams. Simon has worked at the highest level of sport, including spells in Premiership football, professional golf, tennis, motor sport and with Great British Olympians.

Since 2005, Simon has also applied the principles of sport psychology to business, education, healthcare and the charity sector. This has included projects with some of the world’s leading corporations and foremost executives. More recently, Simon has also become a highly acclaimed author and award-winning professional speaker.

What is the Mental Toughness Profile?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make it to the pinnacle of entrepreneurship, business and sport? What secrets have eluded the masses that these top performers know?The answer is not an external business, marketing or peak performance system but the mastery of the mental game!After working with people at the top of their game, Simon Hartley discovered mental toughness is absolutely critical and can be developed. Simon has now “codified” mental toughness into simple 5-step system.The journey to the top is littered with is littered with challenges. The mental toughness profile is your gateway to the 5-step system to get mentally tough.

Praise for Simon Hartley

This book offers psychologist, coach, performer, and student an engaging treaty on how to achieve peak performance via the focus and application of three key ingredients. This is presented at pace that is both lively and brisk, yet theoretically underpinned and informed via a doing psychology perspective which the author should be applauded for.”

– John K. Parker, University of Gloucestershire, UK, in Sport & Exercise Psychology Review

A very important and inspirational book for anyone seeking to achieve peak performance.”

 – Mark Nesti, Reader in Sport Psychology, Liverpool John Moores University, UK

I loved reading and using the performance tools in Peak Performance. The eclectic range of experts who have used them, confirmed that Simon has found a key set of success principles that anyone can use to maximise their own personal performance. Reading the book felt like a world class performance psychology session that I could pick up whenever needed.”

 – Chris Cook, double Commonwealth champion and Olympic swimmer

Don’t measure this book by it thickness. Measure it by the light bulbs it turns on in your head.”

-Richard Bosworth, Chairman of The What If? Forums.

Leadership is about character and character can be developed, it’s not just what you were born with. This book is the manual…”

– Mark lewis, Managing director, analox group.

This is a must read for anyone in a leadership role and especially those in the legal profession!”

– Elizabeth Ward, Principal, Virtuoso Legal.